Our Capabilities

Autonomous systems are known to enhance performance, reduce costs and eliminate the risks that accompany specialized missions. Typically, autonomous systems feature mission-specific solutions, integrating platforms, payloads, communication links and ground segments. At ADASI, our teams of experts draw from their reserves of industry expertise and sound understanding of the benefits of autonomous systems.

Although not common knowledge by any stretch, we believe the utility of unmanned vehicles will soon become an everyday reality. This forms the basis of assistance to clients as they get up-to-speed with the benefits of autonomous systems. By staying plugged into the latest trends, developments and innovations in the industry, we are poised to deliver cutting-edge solutions regardless of the scope of the mission

Our clients rely heavily on our turnkey solutions for any needs that relate to autonomous systems. We begin by identifying their mission-specific requirements. Then, we lend our expertise with the selection of equipment. That sets us on our way towards assisting them in the development of their unmanned and autonomous systems strategy. This is further complemented by full operational and logistics support.

Capability Building

One of our primary functions, Capability Building (CB) is implemented through a number of activities. Some of those include the training of UAE National engineers, establishment of engineering facilities, implementation of processes and the undertaking of carefully selected strategic development activities.

Collaboration with local academic and industrial entities also forms an integral part of our CB strategy. CB is structured around a number of key elements which are designed to ensure successful, sustainable implementation as illustrated here:

Define Technical Goals:

CB with a clear focus is an essential pre-requisite. That's why well-defined technical goals, defined using a specific set of technical requirements associated with a product or activity, remain critical to the process.

Select Strategic Engineering Disciplines & Organize the Team Effectively:

CB activities can translate into self-sustaining results when strategic engineering functions are specified and organized into a suitable structure.

Encourage and Support Ongoing Training:

Workshops, hands-on training as well as theoretical training form an integral part of a well-balanced capability building training program, with on-the-job training being crucial.

Establish Processes, Invest in Tools and Facilities:

Engineering processes, which are being implemented in new avionics labs and system integration and test facilities, provide a core infrastructure within which CB can grow and evolve.

Encourage Academic and University Outreach:

Through effective collaboration with local universities and industrial entities, our CB activities can both benefit students and industrialists alike, broadening the prospect of positive influence.


At ADASI, we are the first in the UAE to deliver a comprehensive range of services that span the entire continuum of autonomous systems. 


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