Our VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) SDO 50 V2 is a multi-purpose, unmanned helicopter system, that can be operated within or beyond visual line of sight. The unique design features of the SDO 50 V2 provide a superior payload capacity, long-endurance, stable flight patterns and a high degree of safety features.

An integrated autopilot system allows autonomous take-off and landing procedures as well as autonomous flight patterns.

The SDO 50 V2 uses the powerful construction principle of intermeshing rotors (going back to Anton Flettner).

It functions through a set of two rotors turning in opposite directions with each rotor mast mounted with a slight angle to the other so that the blades intermesh without colliding. The arrangement also allows the helicopter to function without a tail rotor, which saves additional power.

As a result, the SDO 50 V2 currently is the only flying UAV in the market which is capable to lift more payload than its own empty weight.

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