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Get ready for a future driven by integrated, autonomous systems and automated technologies. Partner with ADASI to advance your capabilities, build skills, and propel yourselves into tomorrow. By engineering futuristic technology, collaborating with international partners, and implementing and maintaining UAV platforms, we build battle readiness in challenging conditions.


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Our team customises training programmes to upskill frontline operators and maintenance teams for critical missions. We also offer foundation courses in aeronautics for entry-level staff and trainees, as well as mentoring during missions for UAV operators to master the Pilot in Command (PIC) standard.


We offer robust pilot and technician training courses to help you build effective teams on the ground to achieve maximum performance in the air. Our training syllabi and protocols ensure graduates are mission ready from the day they complete their courses.

Pilot courses


  • Introductory Basic Training – UAV General Aviation

  • S-100 Pilot

  • S-100 Pilot in Command

  • S-100 Shipboard Pilot

  • S-100 Sensor Payload Operator

  • S-100 Pilot Instructor

  • Supervised Training for New S-100 Pilot Instructors

  • Technical maintenance Training

  • First-Line Maintenance

  • Second-Line Maintenance

  • First-Line, Second-Line Maintenance Instructor

  • Supervised Training for Maintenance Instructor

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We partner with you to identify operational needs, Concept of Operations (CONOPS), and essential requirements. Based on these evaluations, we ensure that you receive the best solutions that meet your demands.

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Our advanced engineering expertise and strategic OEM relationships make us specialists in payload integration and development of deployment systems, including the interface with complex technologies.

military drone manufacturers


We analyse operational requirements for both the control station and the air vehicles. This enables us to develop and define a fully integrated solution including UAV, transportation and mobile ground stations, and workshops.

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We work closely with the on-ground teams to achieve mission objectives. This includes everything from flight operations to maintenance support and logistics. Our pilots come with extensive experience and includes a global talent pool. With high levels of experience, we are able to support multiple deployments of unmanned systems.

UAV Maintenance & Logistics


We are backed by a vast inventory of spare parts and strong relationships with OEMs. This enables us to deliver efficient maintenance and comprehensive logistical support on the field, at all times. We deploy dedicated maintenance operations on-site to minimise turn-around time and jump into action even in the remotest of areas.